wasteless act.

  wasteless act. / lemon jelly Discover Lemon Jelly 100% recycled and vegan boots. Walking towards sustainable fashion, a movement that

every second counts.

  every second counts. / skyhour Filmed in Portugal, the movie tells the story of Kevin, a young American who, through “skyhours” o

manifesto danone.

  manifesto danone. / corpos danone “The important thing is how you feel with your body, regardless of whether you are tall or sh

appcoins credits.

  appcoins credits. / aptoide commercial film for the new Aptoide platform – APPC coins credits

rock in rio 2018.

  rock in rio. / aftermovie 2018 the 4 days of Rock in Rio Lisbon music festival in a aftermovie edit.

after hours.

  after hours. / lion of porches fashion film for the new collection “after hours”.

nature is a happy place.

  nature is a happy place. / salsa fashion film for the spring / summer 2020 collection

fervent, ferveroso.

  fervent, ferveroso. / clark vignette 16mm film, raw short cut from a holiday friends footage

cruel obsessions.

  cruel obsessions. / shakur 16mm music video EP – promo film Toronto, Canadá

a state of mind.

  a state of mind. / jonah “A short fashion film impulsively created over the course of one night.” – Jonah Haber Dig

escola da casa t4.

escola da casa t4. / IKEA 12 ikea video tutorials, season 4


  lumina. / ocubo   “LUMINA Light Festival is a unique event in Portugal that recreates the city’s urban space with shows

uc 725

  u.coimbra 725. / ocubo   “University of Coimbra 725 years: A History of Light” This video mapping show integrated th

real estate.

  real estate. / archive “Enter in a box and catch some stories.”   Thank you to the friendly owners of these beautifu

music festivals

  music festivals. / archive #observador #diáriodenotícias #sbsr #primaverasoundporto A photography collection of music festivals, wo


  cape-verde. / janssen cabo verde, ilha do sal A photography report of the team-building trip to Cape Verde with Janssen Pharmaceutica

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